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Director: Karl Cogard
Francoski inštitut v Sloveniji Institut Francais Slovenie Breg 12, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 01 2000 518

Institut français de Slovénie

L’Institut established in Ljubljana in 1966 performs its cultural and educational activities in close collaboration with several French institutions, e.g. Institut Français, Université de Poitiers, Centre national du Livre, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Organisation internationale de la Francophonie, Maison des cultures du monde, CNRS, Résidence d'artiste des Recollets, and others. The French Institute is an active member of the EUNIC Slovenia.

Director: Bíborka Molnár-Gábor
Lisztov inštitut – Madžarski kulturni center Ljubljana Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center Ljubljana Barvarska steza 8, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 0593 37900

Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center Ljubljana

Our Institute has opened its doors in the Slovene capital in January 2016. Our main task is to protect and to present Hungary’s cultural heritage to a broad audience as well as to deepen the good cultural and artistic relations between Hungary and Slovenia. Apart from that, the Institute promotes international cooperation on the field of culture and research and the study of Hungarian language. By organizing a wide range of cultural events, we strive to raise the attention of the Slovene public to the traditional and yet constantly renewing Hungarian cultural scene. Our goal is to promote cooperation between Hungarian and Slovene cultural professionals and to invite more and more Slovenes to our country so they have the possibility of discovering the richness of the Hungarian cultural and artistic scene themselves.

The institute, located in the heart of Ljubljana, provides the visitors with monthly programs: literary evenings, film club and children’s programme as well as concerts, exhibitions and scientific events. The Liszt Institute is constantly widening the range of its partners, with the aim to target the public with programs that bring our peoples closer. Our Facebook page contains up-to-date information about our programs and other Hungary-linked cultural events as well as some cultural and touristic information about Hungary.

Director: dr. Alix Landgrebe
Goethe-Institut Ljubljana Mirje 12, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 01 300 03 11

Goethe Institute

The Goethe-Institut Ljubljana, established in 2004, is the official cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany in Slovenia, a part of the globally operating Goethe-Institut network. The aim of its cultural and educational programmes is to promote intercultural dialogue and cultural participation, supporting the development of civil society structures and global mobility.

Since June 2017, the Goethe-Institut Ljubljana has been housed at the large premises in the vicinity of the Ljubljana city centre, at Mirje 12. The programme consists of exhibitions, film screenings, concerts, workshops, readings and talks all typically by or with German-speaking authors and all with the aim of linking the German and Slovene cultural scenes. The fundamental method of the Goethe-Institut is intercultural dialogue based on partnership cooperation.

The Goethe-Institut Ljubljana is a member of EUNIC Slovenia, a network involving several European cultural institutions promoting intercultural dialogue, mobility, early language learning, and multilingualism.

Attaché: Stefano Faggioli
Italijanski inštitut za kulturo v Sloveniji Istituto Italiano di Cultura Lubiana Breg 12, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 01 241 56 46

Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Lubiana

Established in 2001, the Italian Cultural Institute in Slovenia – Istituto Italiano di Cultura – is a cultural arm of the Italian Foreign Ministry and has a mission to promote the Italian language and culture in Slovenia.

The institute fosters vital cooperation between Italian and Slovene institutions in the fields of science, education, and culture, especially in the contemporary arts. Every month it hosts numerous cultural events, including small-scale exhibitions, readings, and screenings. The Italian Cultural Institute in Slovenia incorporates a library with a collection of books and audio-visual materials related to Italian culture.

Director: Andreas Pawlitschek, BA
Avstrijski kulturni forum Ljubljana Österreichisches Kulturforum Laibach Prešernova cesta 23, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 01 479 07 41

Österreichisches Kulturforum Laibach, Ljubljana

A network of 30 Austrian Kulturforum institutions work around the world in various fields of cultural dialogue. Cultural exchange between Slovenia and Austria has been developing formally since 1990 when the Austrian Embassy created a dedicated cultural department. In the year 2001 the Österreichisches Kulturforum Ljubljana was established as a separate entity, however it is located at the Embassy. It cooperates with Austrian local governments (Carinthia and Steyermark and the Municipalities of Klagenfurt and Graz) as well as with numerous Slovene cultural organisations.

Veleposlaništvo Španije v Ljubljani Trnovski pristan 24, 1000 Ljubljana

Email: Phone: 01 420 23 30

Embajada de España en Eslovenia

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Slovenia provides a range of consular services, disseminates information about Spain in Slovenia and looks for cooperation opportunities. Its tasks also include the promotion of arts and culture from Spain. The Cultural Section of the Spanish embassy in Ljubljana is an associated partner of the EUNIC Slovenia, the Slovene cluster of the European Union National Institutes for Culture.

Embassy of Ireland
Palača Kapitelj, 1st floor Poljanski nasip 6, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1 300 8970

Embassy of Ireland, Slovenia

The Embassy of Ireland works to promote Irish culture in Slovenia and to strengthen the cultural bonds between our two countries. The Embassy supports a range of initiatives to bring Irish literature, language, art, music, dance and culinary culture to a wider audience in Slovenia, as well as to further explore the natural connections and synergies between our cultures.

Embassy of Switzerland in Slovenia Trg republike 3 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: 01 200 86 40

Embassy of Switzerland in Slovenia

In 1992, one year after Slovenia declared its independence, Switzerland and Slovenia established diplomatic relations, which were initially covered from the Swiss Embassy in Budapest. The next step in the diplomatic ties was the opening of the Swiss Embassy in Ljubljana in 2001. The location of the Embassy in Republic Square, together with the Parliament building, represents the political centre of Slovenia. "Trg Republike" was designed in the 1960s by architect Edvard Ravnikar – a student of Plečnik and Le Corbusier. The Embassy's activities cover all areas of diplomatic relations and represent Swiss interests in the political, economic, scientific and cultural fields. Relations between the two countries are characterised by lively diplomatic exchanges, trade and investments as well and close human ties and dynamic cultural cooperation. As Alpine countries, Slovenia and Switzerland have many similarities and affinities. Consular services were transferred to the Regional Consular Centre in Vienna in 2011.