EUNIC literary walk around Europe

EUNIC literary walk around Europe

Tuesday, May 11th 2021

For the third year in a row, on the occasion of Europe Day, we are taking a walk around literary Europe in the company of cultural institutes united in the EUNIC (European Union National Institutions for Culture) cluster. Six well-known literary authors from six European countries will read excerpts from their books in their original languages online. These are books that have also been published in translations into Slovene, so readings from different parts of Europe will be accompanied by subtitles with translations from Slovene publishing houses.

The following authors will invite us to share the view from their windows:

- STEFAN FEINIG (Austria), who will read excerpts from book 374 (Mohorjeva založba, 2021)
- VELIBOR ČOLIĆ (France), who will read from the book A Handbook for Exiles (Goga, 2020)
- GYÖRGY DRAGOMÁN (Hungary), who will read from his book The White King (Didakta, 2007, reprint 2019)
- MANUEL VILAS (Spain), who will read from the book Ordesa (Active Media, 2020)
- MARCUS PFISTER (Switzerland), who will read from his book The Little Duckling Can't! (Kres, 2020)
- GAŠPER KRALJ (Slovenia), who will read from his book Škrbina (* cf, 2020)

The Austrian Cultural Forum Ljubljana, the French Institute in Slovenia and the Hungarian Cultural Institute, as well as the Embassy of Switzerland and the Embassy of Spain are taking part in this year's Walk through Literary Europe, which is being prepared at Vodnik's homestead. All participants will donate works to the readers of the Library under the trees, from which the authors will read. The Embassy of Ireland and the Italian Cultural Institute also symbolically join with donating books.

You can join the virtual walk at the announced time on FB Vodnik's homestead or via the Vimeo channel Divje misli.

We invite you to get to know the great library of literary Europe!